For months, I’ve experienced a weird bug with Amazon Prime Video’s iOS app and this week I finally tracked down the cause (and a workaround, but sadly not a solution).

First, a description of the bug. When watching a video in Amazon Prime Video on my iPad, the video would randomly (or so I thought) stop playing and return to the movie or show title card. I couldn’t figure out why this was happening and when I asked on Twitter, none of my friends reported encountering the same issue.

Then, this weekend, I finally tracked down what was going on. The bug would occur whenever I launched Safari on my iPhone while watching Amazon Prime Video on my iPad. At first, I had no idea what the two things had in common, until I went to change to a different tab in Safari.

When I tapped on the tab switcher, I noticed Safari displayed that my iPad had a page open from I tapped on the page to open it in Safari on my iPhone, and, sure enough, it was the page for the movie I was watching in Amazon Prime Video on my iPad.

I knew that Safari was using the Handoff feature to display open pages from my other devices, so as a test I disabled Handoff on my iPhone. Then, I resumed playing Amazon Prime Video on my iPad as well as browsing with Safari on my iPhone. Unlike countless other times before, Amazon Prime Video did not stop playing the video!

Knowing that it was a Handoff issue, I was able to find an Apple Support Communities thread documenting how others have had the same issue.

I don’t believe it’s a Handoff bug, as that’s working as designed. I assume the bug is either with Safari treating Amazon Prime Video’s app as an open page or with Amazon Prime Video’s app somehow running as if it’s an open web page. For now, though, I have “resolved” the issue, but I’m still not certain with which company I should report the bug.