Day 144.

I finally caved: I bought some clippers and cut/trimmed my hair. It’s certainly not an amazing haircut, but it is amazing that I didn’t completely destroy my hair.

Bookmarked Tools and Gear (

Distributed workers rely on a wide range of software, hardware, and other gear to stay connected and productive. In this guide, we’ve collected some of our distributed-work-enabling favorites.

Despite my terrible work-from-home setup, I’m still working as productively as ever during this pandemic. When I finally decide to make some changes, I’ll definitely be returning to this guide by Matt Mullenweg, founder and CEO of Automattic.

Read ‘We Could Be Feeling This for the Next Decade’: Virus Hits College Towns by Shawn Hubler

Opening bars and bringing back football teams have led to new outbreaks. Communities that evolved around campuses face potentially existential losses in population, jobs and revenue.

Despite working in higher education the majority of my career, I’d not thought about this aspect of schools going largely online during the pandemic. I’ve worked in one small college town, but it was home to a small university (approximately 2,500 students), so I don’t think the town depended on the university population nearly as much as the towns mentioned in this article.

Day 100.

Happy Father’s Day.

It’s currently 92° and feels like 96°. I spent maybe 10 minutes outdoors with a mask on and it was unbearably hot.

Those visiting Orlando theme parks this summer are in for a real treat. 😷

Social distancing day 80.

I’ve left my 900 ft2 apartment three times in the past 11+ weeks. The only face-to-face-ish interaction I’ve had in that time was with a pharmacist at my local pharmacy’s drive-up window.