Over at The Guardian, Penelope Blackmore has a great opinion piece about modern conveniences (in this case, Uber's new quiet ride feature) and how they isolate us.

[I]t’s a signal that we’ve fallen prey to the idea that nuisance or bother is an undesirable aspect to our lives, that everything must be faster, smoother, quieter. It’s a warning that we are falling victims to convenience. ... You can outsource pretty much every aspect of irritation in your lives. But you can’t outsource loneliness, or pain. . . . Studies have shown that regular interactions with weak ties, or acquaintances, can drastically improve your mental health and feelings of connectedness. So while we might think there’s no point waiting around at our local coffee shop when you can pre-order your flat white on an app, studies prove us wrong. Baristas, cashiers, yoga teachers – these are all people that might recognise you, and people that are worth talking to, even if it’s just a quick nod of the head.

There's much more to the article than the above quote, so I highly recommend reading it.

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